Should I take my watch to a jeweler?

Since watches are considered jewelry, most jewelers will accept them for repairs. However few have the means to perform such repairs, and instead sub-contract them to third parties.  Unfortunately due to cost cutting, these third parties are often no better qualified. The results can be unpredictable. The use of improper tools, inadequately trained staff, and sub-standard parts are common. Watch Battery Express is not a jewelry store. We specialize exclusively in the maintenance of fine watches.

How long does a watch battery last?

The life span of a watch battery depends on the age and quality of the watch, as well as its functions and how often those functions are used.

In most cases, a battery in a brand new quartz watch with basic time and date functionality may last up to four years. As the watch ages, the mechanism becomes worn and drains more power (the reason why factory-installed batteries last longer). Typically replacement batteries last between one and two years.

Watches with functions such as lights, alarms, and chronographs drain more power. The more these functions are used, the faster the battery will drain. Due to the high power consumption of such functions, some watches may also be equipped with more than one battery.

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