Remote Repair

While changing batteries in keyless entry remotes, we noticed that many times the battery was good but the remote did not work properly.  On domestic car remotes, the battery clip often becomes detached from the circuit board.  .  We are able to resolder the clip to the circuit board.  Sometimes one or more buttons on the remote stops functioning, or must be held for several seconds for it to work.  This happens because the rubber buttons start to wear out.  We can replace the buttons on all of the most common remotes.  We eliminate the need to replace the entire remote, thus saving the owner over $100.


  • Solder battery clip:  $20
  • Replacement buttons:  $8


For your convenience, we accept remote repairs by mail too.  For just $25.00 (including tax and return shipping) payable by check or money order, we will repair and test your remote.  Turn around time is usually 3-7 business days.  All repairs come with a one year warranty.  (If the remote needs a new battery, it will cost an additional $8.00) 


Ship to:

Watch Battery Express

3731 Elm Rd.

Warren, OH  44483


Make check or money order payable to:

Watch Battery Express